jewellery - The Finer things ♡

Jewellery is a HUGE love of mine, I never can quite walk past shiny things and have been collecting for years,  as a result my now somewhat extensive collection is constantly overflowing from my jewellery boxes (also ever expanding as a necessity!)

At the minute I'm really favouring finer styles, in silver and rose gold, especially the more fashiony pieces such as midi rings, ear crawlers and front and back earrings.

Beauty - New Skincare Winter Faves

Since we (finally!) seem to be reaching the end of January, I thought i'd just do a short run through of the products I have been reaching for the most this month.

My skincare routine in winter always steps up a notch and this year is no exception, the switches between the freezing winds, central heating and air conditioning all mean dehydration and dryness can really become an issue in the winter months. Also excessive heat and cold are common triggers of sensitive skin like mine, so in order to address this I decided to switch up some of the products i'm using for more winter friendly formulations.

This Works Deep Sleep Range (and they do!) + tips for a great nights sleep

So even though we start January with the best intentions, it does start to get difficult to maintain the positive factor towards the end of the month. Between the freezing weather, the short days (it can't be time to get up its still dark!), and the lack of comfort food if you've taken the healthy eating/dry January vow, things can start to get you down. So on that note, I've decided to look at some beauty products that promise to destress and relax in order to get the ultimate beauty and mood enhancer - a good nights sleep!

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 75ml £16

Infused with essential oils of Lavender, Vetivert and Wild Chamomile to soothe the body and mind this spray is now an absolute essential in my nightly routine. A few spritzes cools the pillow and the essential oils really calm the nerves and help you drift off into a natural cocooned sleep.

New Year New. . . . .Me?!

Okay so I know everyone writes these posts in January - New Year New Me! Get fit! Detox! Become one of those people that takes separating the recycling seriously! But that's because January is such a great time to push the reset button on life. A whole new 12 months feels like a fresh start and a new chance to get rid of old habits and start some new (better) ones. So heres to a fantastic 2016 full of new experiences and more importantly - new beauty products, fashion and eateries i'm going to be giving you the lowdown on.  Enjoy!

J x

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