Beauty - Smashbox Primer Water Review

My favourite primer has always been Smashbox's Pore Minimising Photo Finish Foundation Primer - so when I heard they had a new primer water out I couldn't wait to try it. I love Smashbox and I always have - so many of their products are my go to's, from their Full Exposure Mascara (amazing at defining small lashes!) to their Baked Fusion Soft Lights Bronzer (just enough sheen!) - so I had high hopes. I never like writing reviews where I'm not raving about the product, but this one just didn't do it for me.

Its pitched as a minimal primer thats simple, fast and light, making your skin superhydrated and therefore ensuring make up is easier to apply. This was true, and once I got over the spritzy-ness of it (definitely primed my hair a few times!) and it had dried it did give a nice base for my foundation. However i cant help feeling that any facial spritz would have done this (I tried with Neals Yard Frankincense Facial Mist and had similar, but better smelling results!).

In terms of making my make up last longer, I just didn't notice any difference, and it actually seemed to have the opposite effect on my eyeshadow due to the moisture on the eyelids. Similar to Mac's Fix+ in idea, unfortunately this primer water has a bland formula and the only beneficial antioxidant in it is caffeine. And the 'reviatlizing electrolytes' Smashbox talk about aren't going to benefit the skin because they cant be absorbed topically. 

Smashbox do recommend using this as a refreshing spritz in summer and I can imagine that would be a nice little pick me up if its kept in the fridge - definitely what I'll be using mine for. But for the mean time, I'll be sticking to my original Smashbox Pore Minimising Primer - what are your primer recommendations?

J xx

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