Beauty - Moisturising Serums, testing out Nuxe Crème Fraiche Serum De Beauté

I made a little purchase last week and wanted to share a quick write up on it because I'm loving it! I've used Nuxe's Masque Crème Fraiché for a long time, a great hydrating mask I usually leave on while I have a soak in the bath that always gets rid of any redness and soothes the skin, but I've never tried anything else by the brand.

So I picked up this little beauty and I'm glad I did! Perfect for sensitive skin, this light (but also extremely moisturising) serum sinks into the skin and I really don't need anything else on top, even on a day when its 2 degrees outside. For extra dry skins I'd say layer up wth a light moisturising cream but for me this is just the perfect amount of hydration. I'm really enjoying using moisturising serums at the minute as opposed to creams as they just feel so much lighter and sink in better with no clogged pore issues.

Do you prefer moisturising serums - yay or nay?
J xx

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