Jewellery - 4 Ways to Update your style

As I've mentioned before, jewellery is one of my first loves and after years of spending most of my income on it, and doing some work in the industry - I now have a great collection I adore.  Having said that it always seems to be one of those elements of my style that I get into a rut with quite easily - the jewellery boxes stay closed gathering dust and I rotate the same few pendants and bracelets/rings until I get bored and think what am I doing?! Wear the collection woman! So here are four easy ways to update your jewellery style that always work for me:

Stacking Bracelets 
There is something totally beautiful about an armful of delicately stacked fine bracelets -at the minute I love the friendship drawstring style as below and mixing gold/silver tones, but fine costume jewellery bracelets look lovely too - Accessorize have a particularly pretty collection. For aan investment piece, Astley Clarke's Kula bracelets above with precious stones are the original gemstone stackers and are definitely next on the wishlist!

Statement Earrings
Although I love fine jewellery - you cannot beat a statement earring for giving you a completely different look and changing how you carry yourself. In summer  I pair a statement bright chandelier with a relaxed maxi dress for a casual vibrant look,  but for winter I tend to stick to crystal and pearls, usually with a slightly edgier shape (i.e. spikes/sequins) so they don't end up looking too 'Vera down the dog and duck'!

Front and Back Earrings 
I started wearing lots of the new different earring profiles last year, ear crawlers, lobe huggers and front and back earrings are now everyday staples. I particularly love these pyramid earrings with Cubic Zirconia (above right), the 3D sparkles look great front and back! Ive been meaning to get more ear piercings for years but just haven't got round to it (2016 is the year!). Front and back pearls were huge last year as championed by Dior, and now its the longer shapes setting the trend. 

Midi Rings/Multi Stacking
I usually wear at least 4 rings at a time and mix cocktail fine and statement for an eclectic look. I became obsessed with midi rings a couple of years ago and the obsession hasn't really wavered, I got a beautiful CZ set from Accessorize and geometric gold tone ones from Orelia (gemoteric is big news for rings for 2016 - take note!). There really is no stopping me with these, I get as many on as I can! 

How do you update your jewellery look?

J xx


  1. Jewellery is also a love of mine. It's one of the first, and sometimes the only sections, I visit when I go into a store. I'm more fond of costume jewellery opposed to dainty and lifelong pieces :) X


  2. I love costume jewellery too Sheren - I have a few fab J crew pieces I love and I'm alway lusting after Shourouk bits and bobs! x