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So when it comes to hair, the beauty gods were not kind to me! I have fine, lifeless locks, made worse by years of bleaching, straightening, and frazzling in the sun during the two years I lived in New Zealand, there was definitely more than one occasion I suffered from the faux pas that is a burnt scalp. So all in all, hair isn't my strong point- and any help in that department is always greatly appreciated! This is probably why I have been on a quest over the years to try and test pretty much every hair reconstructor, oil, treatment, balm, spray, volumising mousse, powder, cream, mask . . . . . . . . . . you get the idea. All of which I think gives me a pretty good perspective with which to rate new products - mainly because I have tried so many that do nothing, and sometimes the opposite of what they claim! With that in mind I thought I would share with you my hair heroes - products I currently love using and give amazing results.

Now I love a high street hair brand, and regularly use Aussie Haircare (the smell is absolutely bonza!) and Tresemme heat protectors, but the below beauties are my tried and tested heroes that cost a little more, but really deliver amazing results - I look at them as an investment in the shiny mane of my future!

For Conditioning/Reconstructing

Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment £35
Living Proof has a lot of hype around it so I was excited to try the products now they are available in the UK - any brand with Jennifer Aniston as their poster girl is always worth a try! This restore mask treatment is, quite simply, the bomb. When I bought this I did think oooh it's a bit pricey, so I'm glad I wasn't disappointed in the results. Ive tried many a hair mask that left my locks feeling heavy and a bit lank afterwards, but this restores softness and shine weightlessly, and my hair always feels deeply conditioned and nourished. A winner for when the winter chill and central heating frazzle your mane.

Korres Conditioner Sunflower & Mountain Tea for Coloured Hair £10
Apparently Sunflower oil and mountain tea are natural sources of polyphenols (nope me neither) which protect hair colour and deeply moisturise coloured hair. All I know is that it leaves my hair soft and tangle free, and tends to keep my blonde ombre ends nice and light too, reducing any yellowy colour build up. Lovely!

Living Proof Restore Target Repair Hair Cream £25 
As my hair is fine I try to keep styling creams to a minimum, but this really is weightless and makes a big difference and now I never wash and style without it. The cream is applied mainly to the ends after washing while hair is damp and prior to styling, it prevents split ends, smells delicious and again leaves hair feeling weightless and moisturised.


Bumble & Bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil 100ml £32
Although it comes in a slightly terrifying fluorescent orange shade, this hair oil is faboosh. It's quite like a serum in its texture and a little goes a long way,  I basically use this to detangle and de frizz, while the blend of nourishing oils strengthens hair against breakage. My dry frizzy fllyaways are tamed and theres a smoothness I just cant achieve with straighteners. Bumble & Bumble never fail to impress, I'm a long time lover of their products and this is the ultimate hair helper!

Bumble & Bumble Brilliantime £20.50
BB Brilliantime is a strange and wonderful hair balm, it gives high shine and polish, and a sort of slept in, casual look with a 'soft' texture, which I can never achieve without it. Its like the moisturising version of their much talked about sea salt spray, which I love but it does tend to dry out my bleached hair. The 'undone' texture it creates is difficult to explain but give this a try once and you'll never look back!

So there you go, my current hair faves - do you have any go to products you cant live without?

J xx

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